2 thoughts on “Know More

  1. tony and denise

    Hello Yoav,where are you,a comment or reply on know more,got the cd.If i were a rich guy i would pay any for your music,need i say more.Who am i you might ask,clues are Eastney Cellars,Portsmouth,met you shook hands with you,spoke to a lot of people in Portsmouth to your talent,icould go on.Are you likely to play again in Portsmouth,and if so,a clue.Thanks Yoav,still listening to all 3 albums you’ve made.Take care lots of love from Portsmouth fans denise and tony.

    1. peddepop

      Hello Tony and Denise.
      Sorry for the long wait for this reply. Yoav is currently back in South Africa to write new songs. There is no touring planned for this year. You might want to keep track of Yoav on Facebook too, his page is http://www.facebook.com/yoavmusic

      All the best from Yoav’s management team.

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